i’m doing the technorati thing, because i’m always intrigued by my web presence.

from my november 8 paper journal:

“i am at the park across from grace cathedral. old women are doing tai chi and young women are training small dogs. the juxtaposition is fantastic, because it looks like the young women are shouting at the slow-serene-moving old women, telling tem to keep going, they’re doing great….

i’ve been thinking and asking a lot about what it meanst to join the quaker meeting. adrian & robin have both iven me excellent perspectives. what robin said reminded me that there is preparedness as well as readiness. & i feel like my definitions of these are very idiosyncratic & internal, & robin didn’t even use the words i’m using or even say what i’ve figured out really at all– but what i mean is that even though i feel redy, i may not be prepared. although my soul feels ready to jump out of my body & embrace the faith & community– since i don’t fully know what that entails, i’m not prepared. she said i need to wait for the honeymoon to be over & to o through my first big disappointment before i join and that is what i mean about being prepared. i can be committed to staying forever– but this point is still my dream of what it is.

i think pigeons are beautiful.

i just took a tourist’s picture in front of the church. then a pug came & sniffed my foot.

may i always be dazzled by the beauty of life.”

… at meeting this week, there was a new woman who was really nice. we wound up talking and she said something about how you need to go through a year to see all the seasons of something. and so i think i really am going to wait a year. as hard as that is. maybe a little because it is hard and i need the challenge? but i looked at my journal and the calendar and saw when my first meeting was, and i wrote in my planner for next year “start becoming a member?” on that anniversary.

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