i only work 43 hours a week. there are people that work way more than that. way way way more than that. the thing, though, is that those 43 hours are split between 3 jobs. 1 hour is for one job, so that “doesn’t count.” except part of the reason that it all counts as much as it does is that i walk to work. and i love that, mostly. but then, when you are taking stock of your days and seeing that it took two and a half hours of walking, plus the 8 hours split between two jobs… you start to understand why your time seems so full. and why your feet are so tired.

i make a point of getting up at 7 in the morning to have silence and worship and a really good stretch. the past few mornings, though, i have been worn out. and sleeping seems so much more tempting than getting up to do those things. so i’ve been sleeping. and thursdays are my one day off a week, and i go to the vigil for peace and the quaker study group on that day. but yesterday, i just laid in bed. mostly. i did the dishes and took out the recycling and ran down to the corner market twice and changed the catbox… but… i also played a lot of video games and finished reading the ridiculous novel that i’ve been reading. and it was all meant to be very refreshing.

but instead i got all grouchy and tight and sad. it wasn’t until i was getting ready for bed last night that i realized that in my quest for time off, i’d taken time off from the things that actually refresh me. because they are the only things i can take time off from.

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