yesterday morning, somewhere in the middle of meeting, i pulled out my journal and wrote,

“i want everyone to be able to share this.
but if they’re not, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re wrong.
& if i don’t recognize that they are, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not.”

which i think is the same thing as my last entry, but in less words.

i had a good conversation with chris m about this and my post after meeting, and there was some moment where i said something that we both understood and that seemed to answer some of what i’ve been wrestling with, but i’ve forgotten it… but it had to do with my thought on revelation without revelation, and this specific historical moment.

i just keep wanting to make sure everyone gets the benefit of the doubt. and then i get all mixed up because i forget what going to quaker meeting is for.


– is there going to be an a-ha moment for me? or is it happening? or has it already happened? or is there a series or a lifetime of them?

– if i think that everyone who does there best is doing fine and will be fine, what changes for me if i “become a quaker” if i’ve been doing my best thus far? will my best become better or have i not been doing my best thus far?

– if this is life-changing, what does it mean for my friends who are not interested in it for any number of really really valid reasons?

– what is it in the scriptures that make them speak more than other things that hit on the human experience really well? why is it “just” the bible? or is it? (it in those questions refers to scriptures?)

this is what i’ve been struggling with.

meanwhile… have any of you seen saved!?

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  1. 1.

    Well, as best as I can recall, we were talking about non-revelation as revelation, and also about your friends who are not at all interested in church or meeting or God or Jesus, and you allowed as how that made sense in a lot of ways at this particular time in history. And I think that’s what we agreed on — we totally understand where they are coming from.

    Going further, I understood you and me to have an implicit understanding that we think found something really great in Quakerism, and it’s okay if others don’t want to explore that, and it’s okay for us if we do.

    Does that make sense?

    As for being saved, well, I keep worrying that my time of dispensation is going to run out. I guess that’s why I’m reading If Grace is True by Gulley and Mulholland. They say everybody’s saved!

    I did write a post about someone else’s view of people being saved. If you had been there you would have had an interesting conversation with my friend:

    Comment by Chris M. — February 27, 2007 @ 8:42 pm

    *scratches head*
    *sniffs meditatively once or twice*
    “Gee,” he said, “I thought sure it said ‘Have any of you been saved?’ Guess I ought to slow down when I read them darn blogs.”
    *shakes head*
    *turns and walks slowly away*
    *fade out*

    Comment by Chris M. — March 4, 2007 @ 6:59 pm

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