quaker furniture

my home, head, and heart are in a weird state of shambles lately. i’m not sure exactly what started it, but somehow, i am spending much of my time wandering through a whole bunch of rough stuff. my demons are loud and impressive, but i am looking at them and saying, “how did you get here? why are you here?” which is helping, i think. but i’m busy. and tired. and my shoulders are knotted up. and i feel like i am in crisis mode, even though the crisis is all in my own head…

oh, right, and also in the state of my apartment. it’s been a pile of boxes since we moved in, but thanks to a quaker friend we were able to go out and buy furniture… and now thanks to another quaker friend, puck is able to drill holes to build the furniture. i’ve been pretty hands-off on the building process, which is hard for me. i’m trying not to take responsibility for every little moment, but you will still find me apologizing pretty regularly for pretty silly things.

chris m. was the one who loaned the drill to us, and on sunday, he spoke about building the beloved community. other people spoke about love and community in all sorts of ways and it was really amazing. i love my quakers because i know that even when i am not listening to love, someone there will be, and i will get so much out of all of the different ways that they work to show and be and do love. right now, that love is easy for me– this group of new intimates to love and be loved by. it reminds me of what i want with those who i am closer to, who i have a longer history with– my partner, specifically, and myself, especially.

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  1. Oh good, I’m glad you got so much out of the meeting. As you know, I had to leave and go teach Firstday School (the lesson scheme is posted over there on my blog), and I felt awkward speaking right before leaving. It felt right.

    – Chris M.

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