okay, hi.

it’s cubbie. i said that already. but i’m still getting used to this new space, so bear with me. i’m slowly making this site pretty and since that takes less brainwork than actual writing, i’ve been doing that instead of actually writing.

buttoning.net was a site i shared with my partner… who is now my expartner. and when the registration to that expired, we decided to just let it go. i can’t access the old files right now, but i guess puck can and so i will put up old entries eventually.

i’m in the middle of the quaker membership process with the san francisco monthly meeting of the religious society of friends, which is pretty exciting and big, and i want to say A Lot about that, but i think that will have to wait and probably actually just be done via quoting my paper journal.

okay… i think i’m going to close this entry now. just wanted to a semiquasireal post so people knew i was here.

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  1. Hi, this is robin. I too am looking forward to the continuation of your membership process. This is a semiquasireal comment, just so you know I was here. Even if you didn’t include me on your list of Friends. Didn’t I say I was sorry that I didn’t call you on Friday? I really am sorry.

  2. I didn’t think it was on purpose. Teasing really doesn’t belong in a blog comment, does it? It just doesn’t come across well on-screen. But I’m glad we’re still friends!

  3. i know. i got it. i did not fix it because i was afraid you were offended. i just fixed it because it needed to be fixed. 🙂 and since i was at a computer, i got to tell you right away!

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