the world is absurd and beautiful and small.


you are slowly figuring out this clearness committee thing. you were asked who you wanted on it. there are a few people, including someone who you admire in a particular way. in a way that you want to be this person when you grow up, and it really actually seems possible. not carbon copy possible and you wouldn’t want that. but possible in a way that this person has had some issues similar to yours and gotten through them and been transformed by them, and what they’ve done with it, you really really really admire. but you will always be you and they will always be they and that’s great. it’s also great to have someone to look up to.

(AND last night, you were watching a film about bayard rustin and thinking you’d found another hero and finding similarities in ways of being true to self between this person and rustin.)

(i can’t tell if i’m being vague or clever with this second person business today. but i can’t think of how else to put any of this.)

ANYWAY…. you are processing that and you get a phone call. from someone else that you thought of as a good support for your committee but in a slightly different way… asking if you want to be ON a clearness committee for this person you admire’s ministry.

ps. this blog is the first thing you will find if you search for “rob bell homophobia” (without the quotation marks)… which has happened. and the 72nd if you search for “rob bell homosexuality” (also without quotes)… which hasn’t happened. except by me.


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