“Social justice is not a condition. It is an active system of engaging people in ways that support their development and enable them to have power to make positive change in their lives and engage the personal, interpersonal, and institutional entities in their lives in ways that are transforming and meet their basic social and emotional needs and wellness.

Social justice consciousness is an awareness and understanding of our personal and identity politics that compels a person to act as a positive change agent who works toward social justice for their community, their people, others and themselves.”

jeremiah jeffries did a training for the agency i work for– it was a social justice 201 training, and he brought this definition of social justice with him. he said it’s the one that the local organization, teachers for social justice, uses. i really like it. it’s going to be the “text” the social justice discussion group that’s started from that work is going to use for its next discussion.

tomorrow, our meeting’s young adult group is going to discuss service. i’m excited, though, since i am myself, also a little nervous.

this all seems is related.

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  1. Yay cubbie!

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