chad has been teasing me lately because i have the key to all over the meetinghouse now, and “you know what that means,” he says. responsibility! he was the young adult group’s guest speaker this past week, and he even brought his own guest speaker, wess daniels, via the magic of the internet. that was pretty exciting.

this morning, he teased me again, because i recognized almost all of the young adults who were at meeting. he says that’s like having keys. it feels good.

but it’s also funny to be this official. it’s funny to be the young adult guy– to organize speakers and be in this middle place. it’s a different middle place than it was a few months ago– more practical, less interpersonal. i’m not translating anybody these days. i’m just making sure spaces get reserved and things like that.

it’s also starting to be time for my job as retreat registrar to really get underway. i was co-registrar last year, and now i’m testing myself and seeing if i can actually keep it all together. so far it’s not going to badly, except for the embarrassing fact that waiting for stamp and photocopy reimbursements is an actual financial strain.

i’ve been applying to jobs for next school year. i just this week got my summer plans mostly sorted out. but next school year, a lot of school jobs are already taken, and i’m actually wondering if i just in fact want to work with people. kids are people, of course, and i love working with them, but i’m wondering if maybe i just like work that stretches my interpersonal skills.

i’m really into scary conversations right now. i actually don’t have that many, but i love them. i want to learn how to hold them and make them safe. i think this is definitely linked to my anti-racist concern. i’ve had my first clearness committee about this whole diversity thing. and we’ve finally got a date for the ad hoc working group on diversity. i want to learn how to facilitate things and make people glad that they went to scary places together. i think that’s the only way that change happens.

listen listen listen. it will bust you open and you will be glad.


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  1. i read this post not-too-long before i went to bed, so it isn’t really so surprising that i had a dream where i was talking to someone about how they wanted to find a faith community here in oly, and i suggested the uus and they responded with “yeah, but i’m not… white.”

    i’m in “dialogs on race and community” this quarter and it’s pretty great. i got to watch the color of fear this weekend with them, which was… you know. it’s been hyped to me as much as juno, i guess is my point, but it was interesting. we’re supposed to read a non-class text and see a movie on our own, and i wonder if you have any suggestions? i’ll fwd you the list we’re looking at so far. i’m thinking of “Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man” but i’m not sure yet.

  2. GAHHH Juno pisses me off!

    Sorry, I got distracted. Umm, what was I gonna say?

    Oh yeah – yay cubbie! You hold the keys to our hearts. (Was that supercheesy?) I’m sorry I’m not around so much, I will be around more for YAF stuff in June.

    I admire you for having scary conversations. I have been thinking about you and wanting to understand some things better than I currently understand about gender. I hope diversity will end up being about radical inclusivity and be about a whole lot of things!

  3. puck,

    I recommend Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. 🙂

  4. Hey, just a quick note to say I’m glad you are still writing. I wish I had a way to slow my life down so I could keep reading at a regular and reliable clip! In any event, it sounds as if you are making yourself available to be used by the Spirit, which in and of itself something to strive for. I hope you are feeling “well used,” with or without the keys to the meetinghouse.

    Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

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