in april or so, i applied for a job with the agency i’d been working with all school year. my immediate supervisor was leaving and her job was open. after 1 time being rejected for the job, 2 interviews, and many resumes sent to the agency, i just got the job. they told me on thursday, the day before my last day of summer program, when i was seriously asking myself, “what do i do next!?”

i’m going to actually get paid sort of enough to live off of. and i’m going to have a lot more intense responsibilities than i’ve ever had before. there’s a lot of quaker-related stuff i could ruminate about here, about all of that.

but really, it’s just funny coincidence sharing time, because where is the annual staff retreat that’s happening in a week and a half? oh yes, ben lomond quaker center, in the beautiful santa cruz mountains, among the redwoods. i think i’ve been there before.

i hear it’s pretty structured– totally unlike the meeting’s retreat… i wonder if i’ll get to go to the casa.

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  1. Yay!!! Congrats cubbie!

  2. Congratulations! Have fun at the retreat. Tell me how it goes to be there with a non-Quaker group.

    Will you have more regular computer access???

  3. thank you, allison & robin! 🙂

    it will be so funny– they plan it! there will be Things I Have To Do!!! weird!

    i… might. i mean, i will, but it will be the work computer, for work things, so… i don’t know what that will mean for my other things. but at least i won’t be always using the computers that i have access to for job hunting!

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