well, i think i’m starting to find a balance.

i live in oakland now, not san francisco. and i’m coming to terms with how it’s okay that that makes it harder to get to the san francisco friends meeting.

i could potentially start going to one of the meetings or the friends church over here in the east bay, but i’m so tied to the sf meeting. i keep planning to visit at least, but then on the sundays that i don’t make it across the bay, i don’t really make it anywhere until after noon. there’s the worship group that meets at 5 and that seems like a great idea, except when 5 actually rolls around and that’s so much closer to monday and i just want to finish up my weekend in my cozy home.

but anyway, like with so many things, now that i’m coming to terms with the fact that it’s harder… it’s become easier. letting go of expectations helps so much.

and then also, now i’m on nominating committee so i have some real commitments to things once again, which helps keep me active and engaged.

i am a little nervous about what’s going to happen once i start my teacher credentialling program. i will be extra busy then– how will all this commuting effect my drive to be connected with my lovely quaker community? we’ll see when that comes.

today i brought my “new” (handmedown) razor scooter to meeting. i just got it last night, after wanting one for quite awhile. theoretically it will speed up the walking part of my commute, though today after 2 friends asked me if i had pads and a helmet, i took a wonderful flying leap over the handlebars when i hit a bump. i’m completely fine except for the way that skidding on black corduroy just doesn’t make your knee look very stylish later.

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  1. Yeh, scooters can be deceptive. About a week after I gave my sweetie a scooter–sans helmet or pads–she was riding it in the house, took a fall, and broke her big toe. It was so excruciatingly painful that she couldn’t even hop to the car to go the E.R. and we ended up calling an ambulance.

    I don’t know if the helmet or pads could have prevented the broken toe, but maybe it would have helped land the scooter (and helmet and pads) in the garage for safe-keeping rather than leaning it up against a wall in our house, so close to temptation…

    Anyway, I want to encourage you to connect regularly with Friends–through weekly worship, monthly committee meetings, whatever it takes. You’re worth it.

    Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

  2. Aw, cubbie fall down! Glad you are having fun with your scooter though.

    Guess what?

    I’m staying in SF. Crisis narrowly avoided. Now I am focusing on being drama-free for the rest of 2009.

    We can still be friends!

    Oh, and I need a job with flexible hours since I’m going to massage school out here. Any openings at the book store?

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