what i was thinking, as like a new year’s resolution, is to stop getting so caught up in my own thoughts.

haven’t posted in forever. that isn’t news, because you can see that by the fact that i… haven’t posted in forever. though i guess it’s more of a hyperbole than a fact.

have been very busy with my glamorous high school teaching job. missing little people very much. not doing a particularly bang-up job as crec clerk, not doing a particularly bang-up job at anything particularly quaker-related, because i barely ever show up.

it’s vacation right now, and vacation is always a blend of deep relaxation and anxious reflection. i go to deep ugly places that are half true. this time, i’ve found myself berating myself for being a bad teacher, and daydreaming about what my life would be like if my home, relationship, job, and faith community were all in the same place. right now that feels like all i want in the whole wide world.

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